Welcome to the "Sunshine State"...

This usually beautiful wedding season has seen some extra rain. Half of today’s guests are Melbournians, and them being more used to the wet weather, partied on like champions.

Thank goodness the the bride and groom Jane & Rob are in good spirits despite the downpour. Luckily I came prepared in waterproof gear. Who ever invented gore-tex, thank you.

Heaps of laughter, happy tears, hugs and kisses sum up the day.

below is an iphone video of how wet my camera was…

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your Wedding!

This year is full of surprises, wedding dates that are not on the usual Saturday and Sundays. 

Earlier this year, we shot a wedding on Valentines Day, and this time, we shot the wedding on the Easter Monday, also the Bride's birthday! Happy Birthday Carina. I should have charged double time as it was a public holiday.. hm.. haha.. just kidding. 

Maybe I should have done that as well.. so it will make the anniversary dates a little easier to remember.. XD

It was a simple wedding ceremony at the Pandanus Beach at Manly. But the simple backdrop showcased two people happily in love with each other. 

I love it. 

PS. Brought out the Canon tilt-shift lens for some shots. Haven't used it for a while, quite refreshing to say the least. 

carina blog 2.jpg