1. Do you travel anywhere in the world for weddings?

Even though we are based in Brisbane, Australia, we love travelling both interstate and internationally to cover weddings.  Let us know where your wedding venue is and we’ll work out something for you. We do ask that you cover our cost of flights, ground transport, visas, accommodation and meals on the day of your wedding. Depending on where your wedding is being held, we may ask for two nights accommodation to allow us to arrive the day before your wedding and recover from flights. Sometimes long haul flights are really exhausting for us considering the amount of times we get hassled by airport security to scrutinise our luggage contents.. word to airport checks- we’re photographers and film-makers….not terrorists okay!? We  also like to make sure we are rested enough so that we are fresh on the day of your wedding.

2. What is included in your photography packages?

For all day wedding coverage packages, you will have 2 professional photographers (one of them being me!) and an option for an album. Good photos should be printed. And super amazing photos should get printed in an album- not forgotten on a USB somewhere around your house, which is why we love our coffee table wedding albums. You really have to hold one of these babies in your hands to find out how much you really do need one. Aside from this, you get service above and beyond an ordinary studio. We’ll meet you as many times as you like to prior to your wedding. We scout the locations, help you out with advice on planning your schedule and most of all we’re there for support as a friend. You can trust us to work around the clock, and to answer your emails, Facebook messages, SMS messages and phone calls as soon as I finish changing the nappies.

3. What about your cinematography/ videography packages?

Same deal, you’ll have a videographer with you for all day coverage and a shiny wedding day highlight reel which showcases your entire wedding day, which you’ll watch countless times with family and friends. We’ll host this online for you so that you can link it to your loved ones and share it on Facebook etc.  It’s very cool to send to the guests that couldn’t make it to the wedding as well! We do recommend upgrading your package to including a second cinematographer though, so that we can utilize gear that needs to be operated by two people, and so that you get more angles and scope of your wedding day covered. Specialized video gear is sometimes either really heavy or awkward to carry around so it makes more sense to have two people filming your wedding day.

4. What is a pre-wedding film or what are pre-wedding photos?

Pre-wedding films are filmed at least three months prior to your wedding and is a highlight reel which is played at your wedding reception. It’s a great way to entertain the guests with a story about you as a couple, especially for those guests travelling from interstate or overseas who might not have met your significant other before. We are happy to work with whatever ideas you have and can help you develop your ideas. We can spend a day with you in the park on a picnic, at home baking cupcakes,  in a memorable cafe or a place that means something to you as a couple. Similarly, we can work together on ideas for pre-wedding or engagement photos. Most of our couples like to print their pre-wedding/ engagement photos on a canvas for guests to sign on their wedding day, or send them out as save-the-date cards etc.

5. Do you film or take proposal photos?

We love surprises! So if you’re thinking of proposing to your significant other let us know and we’ll keep it on the hush.

6.  How many photos do we end up getting?

On your wedding day, we will probably press the shutter about 2 billion x 2000  times between two of us (just kidding..not that many times…but we do capture a lot of moments in camera!). Out of those images we take, we go through a rigorous process of survival of the fittest and choose the images that best represent your wedding day…the tears, the candid moments, the laughter…. the love. We will then go through and colour correct and retouch the final round of images. If your package contains the digital files, we try to give you as many images as we can that we feel is of our high standard and also images that tell your story. We usually say that you’ll end up with a minimum of 300 images, but it could go up to anything depending on your wedding day. You’ll get them in both high resolution ready for printing and in a resized version perfect for web-sharing and posting up on Facebook etc.

7. Okay, what about copyright then?

I think this is where most people get a little bit confuzzled. What you’re probably looking for is reproduction rights, and not copyright. By default in Australia, the copyright of all photographs in Australia are retained by the photographer.  We will wave our little magic wand and grant you the unlimited rights to reproduce your images in any way you see fit for personal use. If you’ll be needing the photos for commerical use, just drop us a line and we’ll work something out for you.

8. And watermarking? Do you do any of that?

We won’t watermark your images, as we really do want you to enjoy the photos without a stamp plastered all over peoples faces. How many times have you seen someone share a photo of themselves with a nasty big watermark all over it? As we give you reproduction rights for personal use, we’re not worried about copyright issues. And we believe that if you love the photos as much as we do, you’ll naturally share them around with friends and family and tell them how awesome we are.

9. What is your favourite meal?

I love anything with rice in it. But on a serious note, please don’t forget to feed us on your wedding day! Remember we are human as well.. We may have up to 5 crew with us on your wedding day (depending on your package).

10. How are you working with other photographers and videographers?

There is a good reason that we offer both photography and cinematography for your wedding day. We work well as a full team. We can predict each other’s moves so that we don’t get in one another’s way. We bounce off one another’s energy and come up with really cool ideas together. We help each other out because we’re just a team..we’re more like family. *tear* But in saying that,  we are very professional and don’t mind working with other companies (whether it be another photographer or videographer). But please keep in mind that as we will both be wanting to get “the shot” simultaneously…we will naturally both have self serving interests. *barge them out of the way* (just kidding..not!) ;)

11. How do we book? Do you accept tentative bookings?

If you’re in Brisbane, pop over to our studio in Eight Mile Plains for a chat about your wedding plans and we’ll design a quote for you to suit your budget and needs. If you’re not in Brisbane, drop us a line and let us know when you’re free to chat on Skype/ Face-time/ Line/ We-chat/ Whats-app. We’re available everyday up to 11pm (subject to other bookings) either in person or on call. We’re unable to accept tentative bookings as we’re only able to book one job per day. We only ask for a 20% retainer so that you reserve your date and packages with us. We do have payment plans available, just talk to us to find out.

12. Pricing

We can only take on a limited number of bookings per year. We do the editing in-house. None of this send-files-overseas-let-some-poorly-paid-child-labour-do-edit nonsense. We make sure to keep to this limited number in order to maintain our high level of work which you see here on the website.

We love to travel for weddings, so if your wedding or event is outside of Brisbane, please let us know.

We’re more than happy to work out a customised package to suit your budget and needs, just drop us a line.

Wedding Day Photography Packages start from $2,500
Wedding Day Cinematography Packages start from $2,500
Pre-wedding / Engagement / Registry Ceremony Photography Packages start from $1,000
Combine the packages to get a great deal!

I can take cryto-currency for payment. Bitcoins, Ethereum, & Ripple. Seriously.