Welcome to the "Sunshine State"...

This usually beautiful wedding season has seen some extra rain. Half of today’s guests are Melbournians, and them being more used to the wet weather, partied on like champions.

Thank goodness the the bride and groom Jane & Rob are in good spirits despite the downpour. Luckily I came prepared in waterproof gear. Who ever invented gore-tex, thank you.

Heaps of laughter, happy tears, hugs and kisses sum up the day.

below is an iphone video of how wet my camera was…

Almost 5 years later, when 2 becomes 4.

In 2013, I shot the wedding of Kay and Tony. Almost 5 years later, I had the chance to do their growing family portrait. It is simply the best feeling when I get to see my bride and groom expand and have lots of kids. It is all part of an experience to grow up/old with the friends and families I make over the years. 

Special shout out to the Tsai Family. 3 siblings, 2 wedding photography done and dusted by me, and the final Lil' Miss Tsai's Wedding is coming up second half of this year. Thank you guys for the trust and support you have in me and my team. 

Hope you guys all have lots of kids, and they all get me to do their wedding photos in like year 2040... :) LOL hope I am still up for it! 


Easter Wonderland Klub Kandy Dance Party @ Cloudland

It has been years since I have been to a nightclub in Brisbane. I have reserved this special activity "to act a fool" to offshore places... you would have probably last seen me in club Epic , Pontoon, Naga World in Phnom Penh... Nana Plaza.. Ce La Vi (Formerly Ku De Ta) ...Onyx, Levels and various sky bars in Bangkok...  but you probably wouldn't have recognised me, since my clubbing name is Michael..! HA! Ha... HA!

Anyways, on this Easter Monday, old friend Sam gets me to go take photos for Klub Kandy/ Wonderland @ Cloudland. Nothing much has changed in the clubbing scene Brisbane. Just a lot more K-pop music as compared to 15 years ago. Thanks to DJ Reverse Prime and DJ Yuna both from South Korea for putting on a great show. 

To conclude, Klub Kandy still holds the biggest, baddest dance parties in Brisbane. Typical lines queuing out the door for a few blocks business..  Luckily I had VIP staff access,  so I didn't have to line up in the line of sausages. 

My ears was ringing and legs were jelly a day after the party.. Too much getting giggy-wit-it busting out my dance moves while taking photos, or is it simply signs of ageing. 

klub kandy wonderland 20180401 EDITED028.jpg
klub kandy wonderland 20180401 EDITED152.jpg

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your Wedding!

This year is full of surprises, wedding dates that are not on the usual Saturday and Sundays. 

Earlier this year, we shot a wedding on Valentines Day, and this time, we shot the wedding on the Easter Monday, also the Bride's birthday! Happy Birthday Carina. I should have charged double time as it was a public holiday.. hm.. haha.. just kidding. 

Maybe I should have done that as well.. so it will make the anniversary dates a little easier to remember.. XD

It was a simple wedding ceremony at the Pandanus Beach at Manly. But the simple backdrop showcased two people happily in love with each other. 

I love it. 

PS. Brought out the Canon tilt-shift lens for some shots. Haven't used it for a while, quite refreshing to say the least. 

carina blog 2.jpg


GOAT for basketball for me is always going to be Michael Jordan. 

GOAT for tennis, on the other hand is Roger Federer. 

 I was sorting out some old photos and came across Cindy & Peter on their wedding day with tennis GOAT in 2016. 

Memory was as fresh as yesterday since I just watched his Miama Masters match on TV two days ago. Not his best match for sure, but still GOAT! 

I hope one day I will get to take a photo of my idol MJ. =) 


Roger Federer : World Number 1

Happy Valentines = Happy Wedding Anniversary

Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world. So for Cindy and Nick it is ever so fitting to get wedded on this special day. 

We were joined by Channel 9 News reporter and video crew to capture and share this lovely occasion. I had my 3 second of fame?!?/air time on Australian national TV broadcast. 

If you missed it, you can see it here:  https://www.facebook.com/9NewsQueensland/videos/2022502851406591/

Just scroll to 1m:23s to see me in action. XD

cindy blog 1.jpg
cindy blog 2.jpg
cindy blog 3.jpg

2018 Re-Launching www.oliverkuo.com.au

We had a good run with with our old wordpress website for 6 years before hackers gotten the better of it. So I have decided to start fresh and give my site a new look and updated with the latest work. 

oliver kuo photography logo.png